Wedding makeup😍✨ tutorial Natural makeup 😍✨ for wedding traditional makeup/ 【Wedding party】

😍✨ This is a makeup when I visit this rare wedding
I smiled a lot because I was stuck in a lot, but I could not make up! I think it’s funny for makeup that I do not want to break one day (* ‘꒳` *) ✨
And I finally put it, I missed a last.

Hello, everyone. Kim is a practice.
This is a video that you made early because you wanted to see a cosmetic tutorial! I’ve recently used cosmetics but I used it for easy and cheap products. Have fun, try once. ❤️
Thank you for watching today’s video, and a comfortable night 💤
I love you ❤️

~~ ❤️❤ 용용 ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ

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