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Makeup Back to Basics Under Eye Concealer, Foundation and Powder Application

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If your basics aren’t right, your makeup won’t be either. Follow along with these steps before applying any makeup.

Tools You Will Need:

• The right foundation that best matches your skin tone and type
• An under-eye concealer (one to two tones lighter than the foundation)
• The right powder for your skin tone to ensure that the makeup lasts for hours
• Optional: Colour correcting concealer

Step 1 (Optional): Choosing the Right Colour Corrector

If you have extreme under-eye darkness, apply a pink-undertone-based colour-correcting concealer to brighten the darkness. Use an orange/peach-undertoned concealer to cancel out any blue and purple tones.

• Begin with a clean face.
• Apply the color corrector at the inner corner of the eye and continue underneath, close to the lashes, where there is darkness.
• Gently blend by pressing with your fingers.
• Set with powder

Step 2: Apply Concealer

After the colour corrector, apply an appropriate amount of concealer.

The concealer should be one or two tones lighter than your foundation and yellow in tone to blend as it lightens.

Step 3: Apply Powder to Set the Concealer

Most women can use a yellow-toned loose powder. Those with extremely fair skin may need a white-toned powder.

• Use a small fluffy brush and gently dust the powder onto the skin.
• Brush the powder across the under eye and sweep off any excess with the brush.
• Sweep the powder across the eyelid.
• Apply the powder under the brow bone and repeat two times if necessary.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

The right foundation will make you look like you’re not wearing any foundation at all. It shouldn’t change the colour of the face but simply even out the tone.

Almost everyone’s skin tone has yellow undertones, and only about 1% have pink undertones. If you’re planning to use a pink-based foundation, be sure that your skin’s undertone matches it to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask as it does on most people.

• Check the colour to be sure that it matches your face’s skin tone.
• Begin applying a small amount of foundation around the nose.
• Blend the foundation upward into the hairline and apply the foundation all over or only to the parts that need it. Use your fingers, a damp makeup sponge or a brush to fully blend it onto the skin.
• Use a blemish stick after the foundation to cover red spots or blemishes.

Step 5: Apply Setting Powder

A light dusting of powder sets foundation for hours, keeping the skin looking fresh.

That’s it! Now that you know the basics, you are ready for more advanced techniques.


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