Makeup And Skincare For Skin 50,60,70 + Don’t Make Mistakes

I specialize in skin care and making your skin more youthful, firmer, and toned. I love tinted sunscreen, blusher, lipstick. As we get older, we need to do our makeup differently for best results. Using products meant for younger skin can make us look older. I love #Jeffree Star and his makeup tips. He needs to make a video just for us. For the times we want to look special, and more glamorous, but still youthful. There are some excellent makeup artists on You Tube, but some of their makeup tips do not work for us. Matte Makeup, heavy concealer just sits in our wrinkles. Wrinkles we did not know we had. I found that out the last several weeks trying new makeup techniques.

I will help make your skin look younger. I have great products that work. That is my expertise. I love to help you. Excellent Prices for my customers