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How to accentuate Noses, Cheekbones, Lips, teeth and smile ๐Ÿ˜€-positive makeup GRWM -part 3 Finale!

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How to accentuate Noses, Cheekbones, Lips, teeth and smile ๐Ÿ˜€-positive makeup GRWM -part 3 Finale!

Hi all
This is part 3 of my positive get ready with me where I will be demonstrating tips for accentuating Noses, Cheekbones, Lips, teeth and smile

Products mentioned today
Charlotte Tilbury contour wand in light to medium (you can use medium to dark if you want a really sculpted look but use sparingly!)
Charlotte Tilbury highlighter wand
Mac Blush in Style
Mac lip liner in
Mac lipstick in All Fired Up
Charlotte Tilbury bar of Gold
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood contour brush to contour my nose

Part 1 uploaded sunday 13th May was accentuating skin and shrinking pores link here:

Part 2 uploaded Monday 14th May was accentuating Eyes and brows

Thank you for all your lovely comments to these videos xxxxx

Accessibility information for viewers with disabilities affecting makeup application
The eyeshadow should be put on with fingers and is easy to apply. The brow liner may be more difficult if you have coordination difficulties. Instead use a mascara brush type brow gel either clear or coloured. I will be talking about a product that helps with mascara application soon

As usual all opinions are my own. None of my videos are sponsored and I donโ€™t receive any commission from any of my videos. There are no affiliate links which basically means that my links take you directly to the website without being tracked from this video. I bought all the products with my own money. All this is my way of telling you that I have no vested interest at all in telling you that a product is good or bad.

Please also take account of my skin tone (tanned Eurasian olive undertone) and skin type (combination) when deciding on whether a product is right for you to purchase. This video is intended as a guide only โ€“ the decision to purchase is entirely down to you.

And last but not least โ€“ thank you for watching! And donโ€™t forget to keep it POSITIVE!
Ali x